Harpy: A New playable Character in Closers
May. 24, 2018

Closers is an online multiplayer role-playing game where players play the role of one of the Closers, a group of psychic teens selected by the world government to stop an alien invasion by defeating hordes of deadly monsters and closing doors interdimensional.

Currently, Closers fans have a new playable character called Harpy to try. It provides a unique and fast game style by launching remote energy energy cards.

To celebrate the arrival of Harpy, En Masse will host a special Harpy Community event this week! The "Harpy Kickstart Event" will be held today and will end on May 29 at 11:59 p.m. All participants who can bring the new character of Harpy to level 20 at the end of the event will receive a packet of treats in game:

- 1 Day of Elite Status

- 5 Pirate Costume Washing Machine

- 500 EMP

- Midnight Wings accessory (AAA tuned, 30-days)

- Permanent shark accessory