Hitman 2 Players is Available to Play Snow Festival Trial
Jan. 23, 2019

Hitman 2 Steam CD Key Snow Festival was online for the owners of Legacy Pack, and now those who without it can enjoy the pleasures of winter. Hitman 2 has added a Snow Festival event and a winter sports pack.

Snowballs are a new weapon in this event, which takes place on the map of Hokkaido's legacy. A Snow Master Challenge Pack is also available as a reward and permanently launches the Ice Pick and Snow Festival suit.

For those who do not have a legacy pass, the entire Hokkaido legacy location and the Snow Festival can be downloaded in a trial version for the duration. In addition to the festival, there is the 2.13 update, which contains a winter sports pack for holders of Expansion Pass. It contains five new elements that can be used in all Hitman locations.

All Hitman 2 Steam CD Key players will benefit from the update. Highlights include options for resizing interaction text prompts and adding a Handyman Wrench.