How Do I Play Well In WildStar
Jan. 11, 2015

Here introduce you some tips to help you play well, which is my experience.

1 While holding down the Shift key will stun sprint and was hit when the scale return 0, in the battle the way helps you dodge danger zone and move, and sometimes whether has Shift is the difference between life and death.

2 Please be fully informed of your special abilities "Default R" and often use, CD almost not too long. Also depending on different situation, it is important to replace the special ability.

3 more conducted dodge action "Default B", then what new the direction of the double-tap>, personal habits is another key bindings Dodge side buttons on the mouse to dodge better be accurate, and less likely to inadvertently rolled into danger within the region.

4 often open your skill menu to see what new skills you can learn, and now can not find a trainer to learn directly from the interface with the money. Pay attention to skill points, there is no stratification can tap new skills, what's new capabilities, and so on. Replacing conducted according to different situations skills are also very important, not stubborn set of skills to play in the end.

5 in the Archeage the monster has control field armor is usually stronger, try to find someone to team or ask help to beat this monster. Control field skills try to keep, such as when the enemy is cast re-use, will not only cut off the skills of the target so that the target will be an opportunity to enter a purple state, double damage calculation, in which spend time occupation-specific resources to emit strong skills are the most effective.