How to Beat Behemoth in Monster Hunter World
Aug. 2, 2018

The developers recommend fighting the monster with four players on one team in the Monster Hunter World. This is because the developers worked with a Final Fantasy 14 mechanic named Enmity, or how much a monster concentrates attacks on a particular player.

While Monster Hunter World steam key has a similar mechanism, the aggro of a monster usually runs quite evenly among the players. However, if you fight against the Behemoth, build enmity while attacking the Behemoth's head. Then there is a red line of the monster and the player who indicates that he is paying attention to this player and this one. While Behemoth attacks a player, others can attack or heal and heal others.

During the fight, Behemoth will rain comets from the sky to cause damage. Comets remain on the ground like rocks, which Behemoth can destroy with attacks. As a player with aggro, you have to shoot the monster away from the rocks because you need it to block its strongest attack, the ecliptic meteorite.

During the ecliptic meteorite, Behemoth turns red with the area in front of him. Then summon a massive meteor that saves you a shot, even if you have the Guts Armor ability. You can not escape or even use an extraterritorial to escape. You hide behind the rocks. When Behemoth begins to shine, run immediately behind the rock to protect yourself from the explosion.

Buy MHW Deluxe Edition Steam Key, you can tear Behemoth's cock and break his horns. Once you have defeated him, you will get six different sculptures and six pieces of the monster along with everything you get from the rewards of the mission.