How to Build a Ship in Archeage Online?
Jul. 10, 2018

Do you want to have your own ship in Archeage Online? Just build one if that is what you want. Ships are quite useful in the world of Archeage Online because of the large area. They can not only be used to transport trade packages from one place to another, but well equipped for different purposes. And if you are lucky enough to have a ship with high speed in Archeage Online, you will have the chance to escape some fights. However, it is not easy to build your own ship in Archeage Online because a large amount of resource and the aid of many other players are needed.

To begin with, getting a blueprint is the basic step to build a ship in Archeage Online. Blueprints are sold for Gilda Stars / Nui's Tears and available for purchase in Mirage Isle at either the Harani Docks or Nuian Docks. Once you obtain the blueprint, you're going to need to gather the materials to build your ship.

Once you have the required materials(for instance the Harpoon Clipper requires 10 Lumber and 10 Iron), build the platform anywhere near the sea. This is the first actual step when it comes to building in Archeage Online.

Once the platform is built, it'll have three days protection before anyone can just destroy it. In that time, you'll need to move materials to the platform (which any player can help with, similar to a house). Please be noted that materials will need to be brought in order and crafted as trade packs before they are brought to the ship platform. Once enough materials have been walked to the boat, it'll be finished, and you can then put it into your inventory.

Once in your inventory, you can just spawn it and ride it around as you wish in the world of Archeage Online. If your ship is destroyed, you'll need to get some Shatigon's Sandglasses to fix it. "Pinch" repairs the rowboat, while "Spoonful" is crafted by an Alchemist with 10k proficiency and a "Handful" which is crafted by an alchemist with 20k proficiency.