How to disable auto-renew for Xbox Live Gold
Sep. 4, 2018

Today's consoles are more connected than ever, and Xbox One is no exception. Xbox live gold membership key is the paid subscription to Xbox One players and offers full access to the Microsoft gaming network with a number of exclusive benefits. Access to multiplayer online games, discounts and free games adds value and is an essential offer to make the most of your console.

Despite its value to some players, Xbox Live Gold is not for everyone, for exemple, Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Key. And you may want to cancel your subscription. Microsoft does not realize it, although the steps to cancel are relatively easy once you know where to look.

Over the years, Microsoft has changed the cancellation of a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. More recently, subscription management was limited to the Microsoft website. Therefore, you must use a web browser to cancel, through the Microsoft Edge browser integrated in Xbox One or another device.

1. Go to
2. Log in to your Microsoft account.
3. Go to the Xbox Live Gold subsection of the page.
4. Click Manage.
5. Select Auto Extend.

6. Choose Confirm Cancel.

Once the process is complete, your Xbox Live Gold subscription will not be renewed.