How to Level up Fast in Silkroad Online?
Jun. 6, 2018
Silkroad Online is an unique and enchanting MMORPG which requires no periodic subscription fee. With amazing graphics, lots of classes and spectacular skills, players are attracted by Silkroad Online. However, some newbs find it hard to level up in Silkroad Online. Don’t worry. To help players level up fast and play better in the game, GVGMall provides a fast leveling guide as below:

1. Do the quests.
Though this seems intuitive, many players disregard this aspect of the game, feeling solo tasks won't gain them as many experience points (XP) as group activities. The purpose of quests is to allow your character to go off the beaten path and explore the world, to aid your quest in earning money and to improve your abilities so you can battle with others with confidence. The creators of Silkroad Online feel this is in keeping with "real life," so they reward their gamers accordingly.

2. Kill monsters at slightly higher levels than you.
Though you still gain some experience points killing monsters at levels lower than you, it is slow and painstaking. You net more XP killing those who are one to three points higher than you and it's much, much faster in the leveling arena. Take extra health and mana potions so your chances of wiping greatly decrease since you can continue to replenish yourself as your character weakens during battle.

3. Increase your weapon mastery.
Focusing on this skill gives you greater proficiency and hit rates for battling monsters. Don't ignore your other skill(s) as your weaponry skill points (SP) grow, but pure XP purposes weaponry should be your focal point.

4. Pick up all drops.
If you're unsure of the worth of some drops ask other players about them or search for online advice, something like Silkroad Online Guide. You may need these items for later quests and if you won't use them, you can always sell them.

5. Buy Silkroad Online Gold from GVGMall.
As your character levels, the fighting becomes more intense. You'll need money to upgrade your equipment, as well as your merchandise if you're a trader. GVGMall offers you Silkroad Online Gold with cheapest price, fastest delivery and best service. Packages with different amount of Silkroad Online Gold are waiting for you. There’s no doubt that you will level up fast and have better experience in the game by purchasing Silkroad Online Gold from GVGMall.