How to make FIFA 18 Coins in Transfer Market?
Jul. 4, 2018

Playing online matches is the most common way to make FIFA 18 Coins. However, it seems inefficient. If you don’t have enough gaming patience, transfer market will be a great place for you to make more FIFA 18 Coins. Mass bidding in Transfer Market is the most effective method compared with other free methods. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Spot a suitable player

The players you need to find are those who are in-demand but cheap enough for a series of bids. Most gamers suggest that English Premier League and Spanish LaLiga players are your best bet. Whoever you choose, he must be a high-demand but low-supply player, but not to such an extent that will dig a hole in your pocket.

2. Negotiate the price

First, simply go through the cards that have the rates displayed on them openly. Calculate the amount you would need to buy it for, if you were planning to make a profit by selling it for the average buy-it-now price. Multiply the average buy-it-now price by 0.95, so you can get the price without EA Tax(5 percent) included. Then fix a couple of hundred FIFA 18 Coins below that price.

3. Get bidding

Your goal now is to bid less than the average buy-it-now price (with the EA Tax considered too), with the maximum difference of several hundred of FIFA 18 Coins. There’s a technique here to make sure you’re the first bidder — go to the third or fourth page (or maybe even the fifth page) of the Transfer Market list for the player in question. You’re trying to look for under-the-radar listings, after all. But take note that a lot of patience is required here — you may end up placing many bids but only get one in ten at best.

4. Sell as much as possible

Now that you’ve won a few cheapos, you need to immediately sell them for a profit. If you are staying with the game and re-invest your earnings instantly, fix the listing time for an hour and the buy-it-now price as dead on the average. You can shoot for bigger things by setting the listing to three to six hours, and the price to a couple hundreds over the buy-it-now average(not too much, or you won’t be able to sell it and waste your time). If you really want to be safe, the former method will suffice.

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