Is the XBOX ALL ACCES program really beneficial for consumers?
Sep. 25, 2018

Keep in mind that the monthly fee for the Xbox All Access program will continue regardless of your financial situation. If you have to sell your Xbox due to financial difficulties, you must still pay, as well as the complementary services that you can no longer use. If you have subscribed Xbox Live Gold Membership Key, for example Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership Key, you also must have pay.

In addition, the program is not clear about what happens if you lose a payment. If something is really wrong and you lose a lot of payments, will your Xbox resume or be charged?

Personally, one of the things that really kills me is the commitment of two years. The promotional material in the plan emphasizes that one of the benefits of Xbox One is actually, but who needs an Xbox One? At the end of their generation, the consoles are worth almost nothing.

Even if you live in a place with slow internet speeds, you will have trouble getting enough for your money with Game Pass, which requires huge downloads of several gigabytes. This is less like an agreement favored for the average consumer and more an attempt to spend stock of consoles in anticipation of the next generation of consoles.