It seems that voice assistant Ubisoft Sam confirmed the development of Watch Dogs 3
Apr. 10, 2018

We have already written that Ubisoft has started to test its own language assistant Sam. He is currently in Canada. Sam can report interesting facts about the company's games. For example, he said he already played in the first version of Watch Dogs 3. Technology has outdone the game about hackers!

Of course, you should not trust a robot that is still tested. But Ubisoft himself added a clue in one of the Watch Dogs 2 patches to make everything possible.

Watch Dogs 2 was excellent, which is removing the original gray and black. Our editor, Denis Mayorov, pointed out in his review how the pitch change had a positive effect on the game.

Watch Dogs 3 is still in development, but after the last version it is already very good. The development team is doing wonders! I wait for the moment you can prove it.