Keep these Tips in Mind When Engaging in Forza Horizon 3
Jul. 23, 2018

Set in the fictional scene of Australia, Forza Horizon 3 attracts millions of players engaging in various events, including all different types of races, time trials, drifting, and Bucket List Challenges. To be the champion in the various events, players need to be equipped themselves with some important tips. Though these tips cannot assure the victory in the game of Forza Horizon 3, they will be quite useful to improve your performance to some extent. Read the tips below and we are pretty sure that you will benefit a lot from them.

1. Don't focus only on the highest class of vehicles in Forza Horizon 3 - it doesn't give you that many benefits (albeit you finish the races earlier); try to find a class that conforms to your abilities.

2. Take tight turns and always brake BEFORE them, not while turning - it may result in understeering. Begin accelerating in the middle of the turn (avoid using full acceleration in the most powerful cars).

3. Watch out for jumps and landings - when you see a bigger bump on the road in the world of Forza Horizon 3, you should always lower your speed and quickly stabilize your course like what we do in real world. Don't turn the wheels in the air, so you can make a steady landing on four straight wheels.

4. Manual gearbox allows you to have better control over a vehicle - you can get some more power in on steep roads or outrun another player by accelerating - in the same situation, automatic gearbox would switch gears, keeping torque steady. Manual transmission is also very useful while drifting.

5. Forza Horizon 3 incorporates the effect of an aerodynamic tunnel - tailgating a vehicle or a group of vehicles (closer the better) makes the air resistance less powerful for you. It's a useful trick especially while driving the same or similar cars on a straight road.

6. Shift into higher gear in order to stabilize the car when you are losing grip (especially due to oversteering). Make a downshift when you fall into a serious skid, causing you to land on a side or back to the track direction - if your car has a lot of power, increasing the power can create a controlled skid - a pretty safe way to return to the right direction. Nevertheless, this requires a lot of skill and manual gearbox, as well as disabled TCS system.

7. If you often crash in the races of Forza Horizon 3, you can enable two useful options: allowing only cosmetic damage, and a rewind option that allows you to rewind the race to the moment before the crash. Additionally, check what kind of drive your car has: rear drive has a knack for understeering (skid), but the cars with this drive have better turns, and more speed; 4x4 has a perfect start and traction, but turning is definitely a letdown.

8. Own many cars in Forza Horizon 3- some vehicles can be used in any terrain. But you should make a comparison of some cars that are good in their categories. We are talking not only about off-road/road difference, but also mixed surfaces, narrow city streets, and complete off-road areas. Check other available events (radars - maximum speed, drifts - serious power and acceleration, and customized handling).

9. If you haven't already noticed, the game has a day and night cycle, however it is quite slow. The night will allow you to complete many tasks that are harder to do during the day, for example because of the increased traffic.