Lineage II: Revolution will be entitled to its Valentine's Day event
Feb. 12, 2018

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and, as is the tradition, many online games will show their colors. Lineage II: Revolution will be part of them and will present its colorful program.

To celebrate this Valentine's Day,players of this online MMORPG now can participate in various events to unlock rewards.This is really an exciting news for all the players who play this game.

Colorful activities are as follows:
- Good connection for 7 days, unlock boxes of Valentine's chocolates, to exchange special items.
- February 21, event of the chocolate collection: Defeating monsters and bosses in the field wins Valentine's chocolates, which are marketed for special items.
- Until February 28, Captain Harold's love event: carrying missions brings sweets; With 100 collected sweets, we can play shots on the "Chocolate of Love" card to win special items. Once the card has been made, additional rewards will be obtained.Rewards as follows: Reinforcement Materials, Quality Attribute R Stone ....
- Valentine's Day, a happy loyalty event: allows 300 loyalty points you can earn by buying items in the game to redeem for an R quality attribute stone.