Lineage M and Lineage II Revolution Exceed $ 1 Billion in Revenue
Aug. 16, 2018

The mobile versions of Lineage and Lineage II Adena are used successfully, especially in Japan and South Korea.

At the end of June, according to mobile industry analysts, Lineage M, a mobile version of the venerable MMORPG NCsoft, generated revenues of $ 1.2 billion in the first year of its existence, although the stock was not available.

And when Lineage II Adena Revolution would take a little longer to reach that number, it would have the latter, which was introduced in January 2017 in Korea, to date has generated more than 1.3 billion. The launch of the Lineage II Adena revolution in Korea was an event in which the game in the first month earned more than $ 167 million before the curve fell and the title generated monthly sales of around $ 30 million.

If Lineage M is available in Asia at this time, a global start-up is that the international expansion of NCsoft could mean a big change. For example, the tower sensor estimates that EE. UU It represents only 3% of Lineage II Adena Revolution sales, compared to over 26% in Japan.

In any case, the apparent success of this title has been imitated, and many other adaptations of the MMORPG are expected by telephone in the West in the coming months as Black Desert Mobile, Durango and many others.