Make More GTA V Money Through Random Events
Jun. 28, 2018

Random Events is a good way to make GTA V money in Los Santos neighborhoods. However, the amount of GTA V money you made depends on the types of random events you choose. Of course, each gamer wants to earn more GTA V money with less effort. So we list three higher- income types of random events as below for your reference.

1. Attacking armored trucks

Easily recognizable, the armored trucks are a great option for an easy grand. Dispense with the guards, grab the vehicle and take off. It is possible that the police will give chase, but it’ll be a bit half-hearted. Besides, it’s worth being chased by the cops in exchange for a ton of GTA V money, right?

2. Take advantage of robberies and assaults

Theft is pretty common in all Los Santos neighborhoods: you’ll see robbers trying to steal from a poor passersby. If you see one of these attacks, simply take out the thief (firearm or fists, you decide). Then you can decide what to do with the stolen wallet or purse. Do you want to give it back to its owner? If you do, they’ll certainly be grateful and you’ll likely get a small reward, about $50. If you don’t, you’ll take the booty for yourself, and it’s not usually less than $500.

The same goes for robberies at stores: if you are “good” you’ll only get the owner’s thanks, whereas if you decide not to return the loot you’ll probably be looking at $2000.

3. “Recruit” followers to the Altruist Cult

When you’re controlling Trevor you’ll sometimes come across people who need you to take them to another part of the city. You can either do this as a favor or pretend to do it while actually recruiting them for the Altruist Cult (this will show up on your map when you get into the car). If you decide to turn your passenger into a prisoner for the sect, you’ll be rewarded with $1,000 each time. Not bad for a lowly chauffeur, huh?

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