Making Resident Evil 2 Remake Raccoon Police Station
Jul. 8, 2019

Head north from the Capcom headquarters in downtown Osaka along the Tosabori River. In about 20 minutes you will see a unique red brick building with a vaulted ceiling.

It is the central public hall of the city of Osaka, one of the most popular buildings in the city and part of the inspiration of the Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil 2 Steam Key Global.

Enter the central public hall, built in 1918 and important cultural center of the city. You will find polished floors, imposing columns, ornate details and a huge ceiling similar to a church, the same remarkable architecture as that of León and Claire. They escaped the devastated zombie streets of Raccoon City and entered the impressive main hall of the RPD.

The long awaited remake of Resident Evil 2 by Capcom is a feat to update an old game for a new audience. It retains the spirit of the original PlayStation 1998, but uses modern technology to make it really new and exciting.

An important part of the success of the new version is the recently completed RPD building: a sufficiently recognizable backdrop to give the impression of a unique but much more atmospheric place.

Although the original main room is a flat and rendered image and the new room is completely in 3D, both create the same sense of fear and mystery, which could not be the refuge that the characters had. Was expected.

Kadoi explains that the architecture of the station, both original and remake, is inspired by the neo-Gothic style. Popular in the west in the 1700s, this architectural movement aimed to revive medieval Gothic architecture, especially in religious buildings.

There is also an unusual resort quality, which in my opinion comes from Raccoon City, an American city that is seen through a Japanese lens. If the station had been designed by a Western study, a study that might be more familiar with the kind of boring police departments in the government building, that might not have been so idiosyncratic and memorable.