Manchester United Will Become Most Profitable Club In FIFA 16
Jan. 11, 2015

For Fifa 16 gamers, if you often play league mode, Manchester United may be one of the most frequently chosen club. Despite the reality of the Premier League standings, Manchester United are now only ranked fourth, but it actually has received an honor of any other club have never been obtained. According to - Your Cheap FIFA Coins, FIFA 16 Coins For Sale website reports, Manchester United in the quarter compared to a profit last year grew 39 percent, the club announced annual revenue between 500 million pounds to 510 million pounds, A total of $ 770 million to 775 million. The annual revenue even in fifa 16 is also still have not had a club to reach 60 million to $ 700 million.

Manchester United said, on the one hand the revenue increase can be attributed to sales jersey, on other hand with the team to return to the European Cup - the latter is one of the world's most lucrative tournament. The last few seasons, Manchester United attract a lot of big players: Bastian Schweinsteiger, Memphis Depay and Juan Mata, Di Maria and Radamel Falcao have considerable influence, and allow them to game fans around the world with more fifa 16 coins to buy a favorite player. Manchester United in 2014 also signed a contract with Adidas, the latter in order to obtain the production license of Manchester United shirt, it will forward to pay $ 1 billion over the next decade.

Manchester United from the standings leader, city rivals Manchester City only 2 points, which means that Manchester United next season is likely to continue to campaign the Champions League, and to obtain the corresponding profits. At the same time, a number of star players also make a powerful club in fifa 16, the fans' fifa coins consumption for very large

Since the legendary coach Alex Ferguson stepped down in 2013, Manchester United has gone through two head coaches, but has been unable to return to standard Ferguson era. The club listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2012. When used with other European football club stock index prepared by the comparison, we can see that Manchester United are struggling stock within quite a long time, but recently has caught up with the former - as they progress on the pitch the same.