Mancini: Manchester City Have Today Is By Me
Jan. 11, 2015

Recently, Inter coach Roberto Mancini changed the history of their own rhetoric Nerazzurri in an interview of - Your Cheap FIFA Coins, FIFA 16 Coins For Sale, and he appears to be in Mancini has laid a solid foundation for the current success of Manchester City.

Mancini said: "As of now Manchester City are the best team this season, they have a great chance to win the championship I'm proud of this team, this team is the core of my build, their performance. very good. "

Mancini then talked about the situation in the Premier League title race: "Manchester United and Arsenal are facing competition, obviously, to return to the top four of Chelsea is unlikely to Manchester United for many years the top clubs, in order to reach the same level with them. very difficult. At that time we introduced a number of very good players, and the players worked very hard for the team to win the championship. "

Mancini think they have changed the history of Inter Milan, he said: "I like to accept difficult challenges, and I want to achieve my goal .2006-2007 season as a head coach since I changed the history of Inter Milan, Sampdoria and Lazio as a player, I'm doing good. "

When talking about the goal Inter Milan this season, Mancini again emphasize that into next season's Champions League: "Now we are at the forefront of fifa 16 coins the standings, but the league is still long, the next competition will be very fierce. Our goal is to enter the Champions League, reached the Champions League is really important. "

December 30, Inter Milan and Paris Saint-Germain will play a friendly match in the final interview Mancini will start with the game: "This will be a contest between the top teams in Europe, we will ready to do half of the season. I think Ibrahimovic is one of the best players in the world, when he was at Inter Milan when he scored many important goals. Ibrahimovic should have won the Golden Globe, he is a modern One of the most outstanding football striker. "