Maple Story 2 players thank you with updates of Chaos and Thanksgiving
Nov. 13, 2018

Maple Story 2, the first MMORPG for Nexon Launcher and Steam, offers players games with a great content update, Thanksgiving events and a better quality of life.

Starting today, Maplers Chaos Raids can join its two Favorite Shadow and Moonlight Fortress dungeon altars, followed by Ludibrium Clocktower Raid Chaos on November 30. Chaos Raids are challenging dungeons with 10 players that have a dungeon for 10 players, with a good level of difficulty and incredible rewards for players like legendary weapons and teams like Extreme, Rare and Panic.

Between now and December 6, all participants have the temporary "terror against" event available. During this event, a huge wild turkey leads to a global invasion of Maple. Players can use the daily mission "Defeat the Wild Turkey" to take Ruby to Queenstown and win the exclusive "Orlando turkey".

There is also a Maple harvest event in the same period, you can earn coins to the players, "Maple Leaf" to buy items from Bobby in the NPC store. There are also unique titles that you can win in different event missions.