MapleStory 2 Develops The Skybound Expansion Phase 2
Jan. 11, 2019

MapleStory 2 has been updated with the second phase of the Skybound extension. Players will find the new Fortress Rumble Dungeon, which provides legendary weapons and armor. "Players who earn a reputation for trust can enter 5 types of dungeons for a single player."

Level 50 players can participate in the rage of the Inferno Chaos Raid, if they have been awarded the Soldier Alliance / 9000 trophy. The completion of the dungeon will allow them to acquire the Pluto's accessory set, which is the first legendary accessory in the game.

Players can participate in new events in MapleStory 2 until January 31, including:Support for the expedition of hell: players above level 10 can receive commemorative shipping coins according to the accumulated duration of the application.Lucky bag of 2019: players of level 10 or higher can complete several missions to obtain a lucky bag. In addition, players can get rewards by opening a number of lucky bags.

Players of level 10 or higher must perform 16 different missions based on the relevant NPCs. Players who complete missions receive rewards. Players who have become "Friends of the Day" and have contributed to the quest condition check will receive a buff.