MapleStory 2 Gives Thanks to Players with Chaos Rising Updates
Dec. 6, 2018

MapleStory 2, the first MMORPG available on Nexon Launcher and Steam, offers players a real treat with improved content updates and improved quality of life.

The invaders can now join the Chaos Raids in their two favorite dungeons, the Altar of Shadows and the Fortress of the Moonlight, followed by the Chaos Raid in the Ludibrium Clock Tower. Chaos Raids challenges the 10-player dungeons with satisfying difficulty levels and incredible rewards for players like Legendary Weapons and teams like Extreme, Rare and Panic.

Until December 6, all players can Lv. 10+. During this event, a huge wild turkey leads the invasion of Maple World. Players can join Ruby's quest to defeat Ruby's wild turkey in Queenstown and buy the exclusive Raging Mountain of Turkeys.

MapleStory 2 is part of a colorful 3D block universe and is one of the most creative and customizable MMORPGs currently available in the market.

MapleStory 2 implements many robust character options, a new system of progress and growth, and revolutionary tools that redefine the MMORPG genre, giving players the ability to customize everything.