MapleStory 2 Mushking Royale: The cutest Battle Royale
Dec. 24, 2018

Counter-Strike has taken the train and now has its own Battle Royale. MapleStory 2 has recently entered combat. Mushking Royale, his Battle Royale, was announced earlier this year.

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The free side-scrolling MMO game already enjoyed great popularity in 2003. The game was developed in South Korea and offers tons of grinding and farming, which have been fully accepted by the stalwart Maplers.

However, the optimistic and colorful world with a playful aesthetic that allowed players to create their perfect avatar attracted a rather random crowd that played mainly to socialize and stylize their avatar.

In 2005, the game was released in the United States and became a cult classic. This finally changed the perception of MMO games.

About ten years after the launch of the original game for the Western audience, MapleStory 2 was launched in South Korea. The game had changed its tables; This marks a great deviation from the original Mahlfest for which it was known.

The side screens remained on the track and were replaced immediately by a completely 3D environment. For the first time in years, the franchise presented itself as a modern MMO with its combat capabilities and graphics.