MapleStory 2: New HD Progression System
Nov. 23, 2018

On November 20, the MapleStory 2 Producers Blog released the next updates for the game. Apparently, a new high-definition progress system would be added to the game to replace the current system.

However, after a brief evaluation of the specifications and details of this new HD Progress system of this blog, most readers of MapleStory 2 are not intrigued.

Most players in MapleStory2 are really disappointed with the direction in which Nexon seems to control the evolution of the game. This new patch can intentionally delay progress or because the current content is not even mentioned.

Unfortunately, the lack of a global vision of Nexon and the mismatch between the development of MapleStory 2 and its real value are obvious.

It is surprising to note that the behavior statistics of the players that Nexon can establish in terms of player activity in the MapleStory 2 dungeons are not analyzed further as numbers. The behavior of the player in the use and completion of the content is the result of the creation of the game.