March update brings some new features to Forza Motorsport 7
Mar. 8, 2018
Turn 10 Studios has lunched Forza Motorsport 7's March update, including some new features and a range of new cars, which is met the expectations of game players. On March 10, the newly introduced Spectate mode was enhanced with some improvements, as well as updates to the Livery Editor. The new March Car Pack also offers seven new cars.

In Spectate mode, players who follow online races can monitor important race information and participating riders with the Spectate Ticker and Telemetry features. Spectate Ticker offers viewers a constant information cycle, such as time intervals, distance traveled, lap times and changes in the order of the race. The host of the race can choose at any time what types of data are in the loop or simply pass all types of data.

Spectate Telemetry similar to us, which allows viewers to obtain more information about each controller. Turn 10 indicates that the screen has been redesigned for Forza Motorsport 7 and disabled by default. However, when enabled, users can scroll through the pilots' data, including vehicle data, dashboard, telemetry, damage, tire warming and more.

More recently, the Livery editor has been updated with some improvements in the quality of life. Players who want to spice up their car will find a number of improvements to the livery editor, including options for duplicating and flipping the selected scree by layer, with the ability to save favorite colors and more.