NBA 2K19’s rock-solid gameplay and strong sense of style make it the best of the series
Sep. 12, 2018

Professional basketball has a unique style in the world of sports. The bright sands, the fashionable clothes and the high speed of the game are incomparable. It is not just about winning or losing, but about its appearance. NBA 2K19 MT Points PC is based on a solid gameplay, a fantastic presentation and a wide range of game modes to embody this attitude.

The entry into action is not as fluid as it could be, because the learning curve of NBA 2K19 MT Points PS4 is more difficult than in the past, rewarding skills and penalizing newcomers.

Although this is an improvement over previous iterations, NBA 2K19 MT Points XBOX One still has transition problems. The distance to the ground is a little better, but it is not yet intoxicating. Although he is one of the best athletes in the world, fasting is too slow to develop.

NBA 2K19 shines thanks to strict controls and the emphasis placed on the classification of players in the defensive field. In addition to the complex mechanisms available in attack, the defense has become much more a chess game. Predicting what moves they will make and when they will do it will be of the utmost importance, especially if you do not have a solid defense behind them. Making sure your list has at least one or two defensive brakes, even if they lack offensive talent like Andre Roberson, is now a priority.