Neverwinter will launch Lost City of Omu expansion for D&D MMO on February 27
Jan. 12, 2018

You explored the tomb of destruction and spat in front of the murderous Curse of Acerakksk. Now you are ready to look for a good adventure in Chult, the island of dinosaurs and undead of the tropical jungle.


Cryptic Studios announced that the expansion of "The Lost City of Omu" on February 27 has conquered the PC version of its online RPG Neverwinter from Dungeons & Dragons. This follows the MMO, its latest update, Sword of Chult, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions on Tuesday.


Neverwinter has more than 15 million registered players and is the largest D & D videogame on the market.


The Lost City of Omu adds more than other gadgets of Acererak, one of the most famous Lichens (it is a great wizard of the living dead) in the history of D & D. He brings new areas, more content for the final game, a Tomb of Annihilation's biggest campaign, some design adjustments to facilitate your adventures life.


Omu has many secrets in its depths. You will find treasures and adventures ... and the tyrant, a dead tyrannosaur. Crytpic Studios says it has "unique attacks", and we know of a particular T-Rex zombie, which casts more zombies of inactive champions of Forgotten Realms, a clicker game with D & D themed.


You will also see more Yuan-Ti looking like a snake and even the Trampist gods of the Realms.