New FIFA 19 Future Stars FUT Official Announced
Jan. 17, 2019

After much anticipation, an unprecedented new promotion of FIFA 19 Future Stars FUT were announced! We hope to see a full team of 23 members of this new FUT 19 Future Star will be available in packs on January 18, 2019.

More predictions about FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition Xbox One Key upgrades and FUT 19 Ratings refresh. The current debate about whether FIFA 19 Future Stars will be dynamic live objects is still exist. It remains to be determined how long the player will be available and if it will ever be in FUT packs. However, we expect a complete team to be published in this way. There is also a strong possibility that additional players will be released exclusively as untradeable FIFA 19 Future Stars Squad Building Challenge items and possible weekly targets.

It is also possible that these players must reach certain goals in order to be upgraded. For example, suppose that these elements start in the same way as their regular base FUT cards, that EA sets specific goals for each player and then the overall rating increases by +1. At present, these are just speculations, but it would really make sense to keep FUT fans invested in the game!