New Guild Wars 2 update brings tweaked version of seasonal Wintersday event
Dec. 15, 2017

During the event, players can play a variety of winter themed minigames and explore an icy version of the city's deity reach.


This year's seasonal event features a series of welcome changes, including slightly enhanced decorations in Divinity's Reach and the opportunity to play the popular Toypocalypse minigame with a coordinated friends' party.


During the duration of the event, a new temporary career event is also available. In the race, players make their way through the streets or walk through the snow on their favorite mountain to obtain new annual and daily profits.


Winter Wonderland Puzzle also received an update. Each of the three routes now offers passengers of varying degrees of difficulty, from the quaint and scenic Quaggan route to the fast gingerbread route. Players who choose the hard way get bigger rewards in the end.


Perhaps less exciting, but no less interesting, is the introduction of several new guild decorations that address Winter Day and allow players to style their guild hall and introduce a new style of flakes of snow.