New TERA Update Lets Players Fight Using Tanks and Airships
May. 9, 2018

En Masse Entertainment has just announced that a new update for their hit MMORPG, TERA, will be available today on the PlayStation 4. The update is called Corsairs’ Stronghold and will bring new edge to PvP-centric players out there.

Corsairs’ Stronghold will be a PvP battlefield for two teams of 20 players each. The game mode will be from 20 to 20, which means that 40 players will do everything at the same time. The teams will try to destroy the strength of the opposing team while defending theirs and defending who will attack or defend. As an attacking team, players can fight against aircraft, tanks or simply walk. Your goal is to get to the center of the fortress and destroy the other team's crystal from there. The defensive team must do everything possible to stop the siege. The Corsair Wall will be available for level 65 players, the current upper limit.

To celebrate the launch of this new battlefield, players can receive a pirate's eye patch on their mail package if they register before May 15. Fortress Corsairs will be the first of many content for this month, and TERA will launch many free events for the game in May.