New update for Fallout 76: new Battle Royale map in August
Jul. 29, 2019

Fallout 76 Bethesda Key EU Nuclear Winter Battle Royale gets a map of the city, especially Morgantown, and a new Vault raid.

The Morgantown Nuclear Winter Card will arrive in September. The Vault 94 raid has already begun on August 20 and players in groups of four must complete one of the three missions for the weekly change. Players can also compete in groups of less than four players. Legendary items are among the rewards offered.

The new card means that Battle Royale players face capital threats like the Grafton monster, the developers said. Morgantown will also provide more verticality on the upper floors of the bombed buildings, as well as in the water around Monongahela.

The developers of Bethesda Game Studios have also informed players about the upcoming Wastelanders expansion, which brings human NPCs to the game and, therefore, creates dialogue trees with them. It is still late in autumn, around November. But this will add new implementations and other interesting points, and with human NPCs, more factions, including the disgusting Mothman cult.

Last but not least: private servers will arrive sooner than you think, but nothing else, don't worry about being called soon.