Now Become A FIFA Coach To Get Paid And To Teach Other Players How To Be Better
Feb. 24, 2018

If you are good at FIFA 18 and have the time to teach players how to play better, you will be happy to be paid.

Bidvine, which is a hire company, has posted a job advertisement that provide a position of a FIFA Professional Coach who can earn around £15 an hour.

The first thing to be considered is that you must have a super ability and the level of your game-play, and to show it in order to get this opportunity. This can only be done if you have played in Division in Online Seasons and / or FIFA Ultimate Team.

However, FiFA definitely konw that you are playing, you also need to submit a photo of your face along with the division you play in the game.In addition, you also need a powerful wireless connection, a photo ID and an operating Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

The post added: To be a FIFA Coach is similar like playing the game, except you have to teach someone else how to do it now!In addition, what you do in the game, of course, depends on what your client wants and what he wants to learn.

If you are excited about this position, please have a try! Sign up and to be a FIFA Professional Coach!