Now that the crowd is here, the fun of playing in MapleStory 2 can start
Nov. 7, 2018

I could not decide if I wanted to play MapleStory2 Mesos when it was released around the world in October. I've been waiting for it since its launch in South Korea in 2015, but now here.

During the beta test phase in May of this year, almost nobody was admitted as a beta tester. Maple's world was therefore alone.

I have already tried MapleStory 2 in beta mode. I know what this game is and what happens when you get to the end: you're bored and lonely, and you have no choice but to explore the world.

It is a pleasure to know that others try to make their characters look as dark or charming as possible, that they look for smart names and that, if they are looking for a party, five other strangers join at the same time. These are the things that make this game meaningful.

In the beta version, virtually all the words were available, which ruined the joy of this exquisite hunt. The same applies to the construction of a house. You have a lot of space and furniture, but laying bricks and intricate details is boring if nobody knocks on your door.

MapleStory 2 lives or dies according to the number of people who play together. This is true for most massively multiplayer games, but especially for Maple, since the fan base is composed mainly of people who grew up with the original and enjoyed the nostalgia factor. Nobody really plays Maple for their searches and their content.