Old School Runescape Mobile has Entered Closed Beta Test
May. 3, 2018

Runescape in itself is an formerly browser-based MMORPG. It contains all the elements you expect from an MMO, but focuses on skills ranging from martial arts to crafts, fishing and logging. There is also a very complicated economy, puzzle-type missions, PvP and all the other elements of a traditional MMORPG.


Currently, Runescape has two versions of the game: Runescape is the current version of the game, which runs on the brilliant MTX engine with enhanced graphics, combat systems and capabilities. This is the most updated version of the game and has come a long way since Runescape relied solely on browsers.


Jagex has launched Old-School Runescape, with the aim of solving these problems by showing a game almost unchanged from the 2007 version. All the basic features and the game are as in 2007, but the game also receives new updates Content day to keep things fresh while staying true to the original roots of the game. In addition, Runscape receives periodic updates of the content, but does not worry about getting too far away from the original mechanisms.


Runescape Old School is the version that appears first on the phone. Runescape also reaches Mobile, but only after the launch of Old-School Runescape. On our cover of Runescape Mobile in the GDC, our own Eli and Jared had the opportunity to see the game in action.


If you're already on Runescape, or you've never done it before, it's a good time to join.