Path of Exile is scheduled for a multi-stage skill revamp
Mar. 30, 2018
Grinding Gear Games has launched another developer diary that explains the future skill changers that will be released in June 2018 with the 3.3.0 update. You have also noticed that this is only the first part of the reorganization of Path of Exile capabilities.

The decision to update the skills was motivated by the fact that a group of old skills has been overshadowed by new skills over the years. While some of them still have situational uses, most of them are usually overcome.

As you can imagine, skills like Ice Spear will not only contain higher numbers, but also new mechanics that will make them attractive in a variety of situations. They also receive visual updates to make them beautiful and bright like modern ones.

Skill issues will also be a topic in the future development of Path of Exile. Apparently, this will help players achieve a certain taste or style that matches the theme of a character. Although these changes are not revolutionary, they should help players incorporate their characters into a specific niche.

Another objective of this review will be to allow players more playing styles. Essence Drain and Contagion have been chosen as examples that introduce new game styles, and Grinding Gear Games will aim to make more skills work as a style of play,which is different and unique.