People in the Anthem like to wear masks
Mar. 4, 2019

The stars of the Anthem Origin Key are obviously the powerful spears. These mech suits are really great and deadly in the hands of an experienced rider. But the people of the hymn seem to be more interested in something else: the masks.

When I arrived in Tarsis, I explored them and discovered new missions, I met characters and found notes and other collectibles. However, as I spent more time in the city, I realized how many people wore masks in Anthem.

Some of these masks are useful. They do not seem to be intervening on the road. The other masks seem to be annoying. It seems that they often cause problems.

Honestly, I do not even understand how some people see them wearing these masks.

This could be a fashion trend, because I discovered that some Maks were more common than others. Maybe the metal masks are now in place.