PES 2019's Review
Aug. 30, 2018

With the launch of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Steam Key, Konami has delivered one of the most authentic football experiences of its series to date. Although, yes, PES will never be able to compete with FIFA and EA in terms of licenses these days, it was not the obstacle for this series, if you are a football purist and want to have an authentic football experience, then Pro Evolution Soccer will always It has been the game to deliver.

This is not the only development in PES 2019. FIFA may have a license monopoly, but the game's graphics for this year have never seemed more spectacular. The faces of the players continue to flirt with photographic realism, while the teams, teams and stadiums for which they are licensed are great.

PES 2019 may be the beginning of a new and exciting era for Pro Evolution Soccer fans ...

PES 2019 makes an interesting distinction. This is not a soccer game, but a game of soccer players. And just as they play it, their behaviors, their tendencies and their individual techniques make it a more animated game. You are no longer a great deity in heaven, moving generic pieces around a place, and you should not think of your team as a collection of statistics. Here, players develop a life of their own.

The biggest development is a feature called Magic Moments. This refers to a woman of 39 characters of RPG type distributed in the list of players in combinations that give each his own personality.