PUBG Xbox One Update Removes 100-Person Starting Zone And More
Mar. 5, 2018

There is a new update for the Xbox One edition of PUBG and some important changes are being made.The new main update includes bug fixes, Game DVR support and, perhaps more specifically, the elimination of a single release platform for all players.

Now, PUBG has several initial positions pre-matc. The problem was that the performance of PUBG with 100 players sank in the same area on the server and on the client side. In addition, all weapons were removed from the initial positions.

Other changes in the game include less damage from objects such as rocks, trees and rugged terrain. In addition, the colors of the group members should now be more visible, while now you can use the right stick to transform your character in the customization menu.

In terms of bug fixes,some water sound effects seem to have broken, but they should sound better now. In addition, there was an error that caused your character to teleport to another place after landing, but now it is fixed. The update also fixes an error where some objects float in the air.