Remember These Tips When Playing GTA V
Jul. 16, 2018

Many new systems are in place in GTA V, so it is easy for GTA V gamers to lose their way in the game. To get the game start right, you should keep some important tips in mind when playing. Not only are they of great help in reward acquiring, but also improve your game experience. We will be pretty sure that it will be a great loss for you if you miss the tips below.

1. Never avoid activities

Don’t skip the new activities you can take part in GTA V. GTA V features an all-new system that allows you to build your character’s attributes. Completing these activities will boost your skills, and make you a better criminal in Los Santos. Numerous locations are provided to perform specific activities in the game. You can improve your shooting skills at the local firing range and increase your stamina by racing bikes or running, or complete driving races to become a better driver. The end-result is that you’ll get better stats for your character. If you want to take advantage of this system quickly, complete objectives on the map that align with the skills that you wish to improve.

2. Make Sure to switch between characters often

Once GTA V gets going, you’ll have the ability to switch between the game’s main characters on the fly. You’ll find new missions available for each character, and chances to stack your cash and experience. But if you really want to progress the storyline of GTA V quickly, you’ll need to switch often.

When you do switch, head to the objectives on the map that have the big initials for the character you’ve selected. These are the main story missions for your character, and will progress the game. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for the color coded map system in GTA V. It is possible for you to spend a lot of time heading to objectives that your character cannot complete. Blue is Michael, Green is for Franklin, and Orange is for Trevor.

3. Replay Missions for better scores

GTA V’s new mission structure scores you for completing your missions while completing specific objectives. You’ll be scored on a Bronze, Silver, or Gold scale. If you don’t get gold on your first chance, you can always go back to try again.

Since there are achievements and trophies associated with earning gold medals, going back and replaying these missions will help you earn these rewards. Plus, many of the missions in GTA V have numerous ways to accomplish the same goal. The ability to go back and replay a mission offers the chance to see things that you might not have seen on the first go round.

4. Pay Attention to your map

There are a lot of random events that occur on a daily basis in GTA V. If there’s a marker on the map as well as a flash it means something is going down. These random events can reward you with extra cash or stats boosts, and the more often you complete them the quicker you’ll rank up. However, these missions range in difficulty. You could end up losing money in hospital bills if you end up biting off more than you can chew.

5. Check your phone often for new missions and color

The phone in GTA 5 has a bunch of new features. It has a web browser so you don’t have to go wasting your time in internet cafes to hit your life invader friends page. You can now quick save from your phone, and even change settings, view your open mission objectives, and check you overall progress. Also, you’re constantly being bombarded with new missions so you need to make sure that you are checking your phone regularly. It will prompt you when you get new missions and contacts, but not always. You’ll want to check it occasionally for not only new missions, but information about your character and their associates. All in all, the phone is quite a invaluable tool, so don’t overlook the power of the iFruit.