Reset leaderboards in advance at 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'
Mar. 1, 2018
"PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds" cleared the ranking of its players and waited sooner than expected. PUBG Corp. announced that they will restart the game's ranking earlier this week, and players will begin playing unranked matches since Monday, Feb. 26.

The studio added that any new matches after the leaderboards reset will not be ranked,this means that players will not be get any placement points for future matchmaking.

PUBG Corp.also added,"Any matches played from the reset until the opening of the new season will be unranked",although the developer did not specify a date from which the new season starts from that moment.

According the research to Polygon,"PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds" has new anti-fraud measures that prohibit up to 2.5 million accounts or even more in the month of January.The number of banned players continued to increase during the month. More than 4 million player accounts have been removed from the game, a number that already represents more than 13% of the total number of players.