Resident Evil 2 Remake Offers Great Gameplay Experience
Jan. 28, 2019

Visually, the use of lighting is one of the best of video games. Its impact in this area is as important as the original Splinter Cell, which provided some of the most revolutionary lighting effects in the history of video games.

The beauty of Resident Evil 2 Steam Key lies in what you see and what you can not. You will appreciate the clarity of a well-lit room on your trip, but the darkness in all areas is so well represented that the game is revealed at best. There are so many examples in the game where you want to take a break and take a snapshot. After 10 minutes, there is another scene just as great.

Keeping the spookiness of the original is deeper than providing amazing environments, zombies and vicious monsters. If you walk down a corridor and hear a creaking noise or a moan from a new enemy, you are afraid with the controller in hand. It is a perfect mix of audio and image to create the desired experience.