Reveal Just Cause 4's new DLC - Dare Devils of Destruction
Apr. 29, 2019

When Just Cause 4 was released four months ago, it came with the expansion of Dare Devils Pass, Demons and Danger. So far, the first of the extensions that will be included in the passport has been revealed. Of course, "Dare Devils of Destruction" brings new missions, new vehicles, new challenge modes and new achievements.

Players can use 16 new weapons vehicles at a time to take advantage of the power of the black hand in 15 new missions.

Missions fall into one of three challenge modes. Survival sees players cross a maze of landmines, destroy bullets and rings of fire, destroy obstacles and run to control points to survive.

Instead, players face extreme weather conditions performing high-speed stunts to defeat their rivals for first place. After all, Rampage does exactly what is written on the box. Go start a massacre, forgetting the enemy targets and enemies. The success of each mission will earn the respect of rival gangs.

The downloadable content will be more successful, although we still have to scan it on the website. Check out the list of PlayStation 4 Trophies to get an idea of ​​what to expect. There will be 9 achievements, none of which are secret.

"Dare Devils of Destruction" will be launched on April 30 in a purchase.