RF Online - Introduction to enchanted turn-based strategy RPG
May. 15, 2018

A turn-based strategy RPG that has adopted the world view of the SF RF Online online game. The player crosses the galaxy in search of a masterpiece that interrupts the peace.

The battle is a turn system. Choose actions like attacks and normal abilities. Movement is possible at any time during the fight. Attack zones are defined for each skill. Depending on the situation, we use it to escape the enemy's attack.

The detailed introduction is as follows:

Unit - Units collected by collecting Gigas, etc. Different types such as level, core, skill, equipment, unit, etc.

Formation - A party can contain up to five units. There are different types, such as the type of attack and the type of defense in the formation. The formations can be reinforced with materials. During the strengthening, however, a "High and Low" mini-game is produced. If you make a mistake, strengthening will fail.

Mini game - In addition to this work, several minigames are recorded as "BINGO". Let's play with pleasure and recover coins and materials.

Interpersonal fight - There is also interpersonal war in the game. Win victories, and get luxury awards. Every Sunday there is a "ranking fight", in which only the top 100 can participate.