RF Online's New Server Opened
May. 22, 2018

A new server named Pegasus appeared in the new update of RF Online.

At present, Redfox Games launched a new server for RF Online in the market. The new server called Pegasus was also the first server that was added to the game with update 4.25.

Released for the first time in 2004, Ro is definitely an ancient game. Its ability to keep up to date is one of the important reasons why it has been able to stand on the market.

The new RF Online server will contain 1x exp, drop, pt and force ratios. It was determined that the proportions of Animus are 2x with a maximum of 80 levels. While the new server has an updated jump line, there will be new missions, buff NC, a new map and more.

The appearance of this new server is another major update for RF Online. The producer will hope that it can gives a different and unparalleled game experience to those people who love this game.