Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy ISN’T Knights of the Old Republic
Dec. 6, 2017

Director Rian Johnson is really creating an entirely new story for his next Star Wars trilogy.

While J.J. Abrams is ready to end the new Star Wars trilogy with Episode IX, the distant and distant galaxy is in the hands of Johnson. It has recently been revealed that the director of the upcoming "The Last Jedi" is developing a new Star Wars trilogy completely independent of the multigenerational saga of the Skywalker family. But those who expect Johnson to be inspired by one of the most popular eras of the Extended Universe will have to stick to the origins of Old Republic video games because the director will certainly not address them.

Star Wars: Rian Johnson guarantees "no restrictions" for the new trilogy. It's an instinct that Johnson refuses to please, but to say that his trilogy will be something completely new to the Star Wars canon.

While the Old Republic and KOTOR video games are full of potential images, it is understandable and even encouraging that Johnson is committed to creating something original and not linking to something from the past. In addition, there is this annoying little technical characteristic that all the material in the Extended Universe has been declared apocryphal when Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars: the new Rian Johnson trilogy is not associated with existing stories. While his new trilogy is in the early stages of development, Johnson's The Last Jedi is fast approaching,in theaters on December 15.