So Far, Lineage II: Revolution Has Lived Up To Expectations
Dec. 4, 2017

Based on the little game I played in all the other games that I put in my time, I discovered that Lineage II: Revolution was exactly what I expected. Each mobile game will contain microtransactions. How do free mobile titles work? And with Netmarble and NCSOFT behind the scenes, there was no way this game was an exception.

They have actions of type MOBA, a basic attack and several specials that are executed through a series of buttons on the side of the screen. There is an automatic combat function that searches for you and you do not need to move a finger.

The story of the game is too small at the beginning like most MMOs. A whole series of dialogues and epic scenes that correspond to the task of killing rats in a warehouse. He's recording it fast enough, but it's still fun to see how much the role format has changed in recent years.

You get pretty decent booty losses, so you do not have to buy them. It's easy enough for players to play for free. At least early. I still have many games to play before I can say it with certainty.