Some information about Star Wars: The Old Republic
Apr. 8, 2018

Here, we are introduce l'avenir of the Star Wars The Old Republic.

The developers have informed us of the latest updates and what we can expect from the next one. For starters, it was said that the update of 5.9 would be the biggest addition to the content of the story in recent months and even more important than 5.6. As for the next controversial issue about Nathema, it will seem as difficult as Copero's, so we can expect a bit of trouble, but we hope it's good, especially since we're promised five bosses and at least one hour of play, plus it will probably be better to play alone than the last time before the next attempt as a group.

Otherwise, as usual, they will make many changes in the game, so we will not talk, and we will return with the following companions: Akaavi Spar, the beautiful Mandalorian, and Mako, dear to many of us! Unfortunately, they will return in the same way as the others, which is probably in a minute ... But at least they promise us potential stories in the Shadow of Revan mode, which was much more fun to play than the last extensions chapter.

Finally, the next partner seems to be Jaesa, but for Kira and Scourge, we will have to wait until the end of summer ...

Otherwise, there is not much more interesting ... We were promised 6.0 just to please us and we stopped asking one thing above all ... We'll see what the future holds.