Some Setting Skills Make Arche Age Game Easier
Jan. 11, 2015

1 small map settings can make life more simple.

2 excess completing task can get more experience.

Yellow tasks are the main tasks.

According to tasks, set 1, 2, 3, 4 to do task index, then enter into games.

Look at the map can know about the location of the task. If cannot understand, can fumble around. Note that the item name, some items have finished the task. Attention to items name.

1, the main task. Others is the feeder.

2, then the problem of the complete degree, say that you beat 5 monsters, you just beat 3 monsters, can also be submitted, but less experience, beat 5 monsters just normal experience, playing 8 monsters or so, to excess experience. Acquisition task also is such. When you enter in game, will prompt you, pay attention to it.

3, as far as possible to choose physical defense equipment (MAGE), or very easy to kneel. Buy archeage items with archeage gold is also a choice. Notice the side. Red monster will take the initiative to attack. In the former, 2 melee monsters would kill you (attack you and slight break your cast strip). Do not resist 2 monsters. The use of musical instruments have increased BUFF. If the mage didn't rob the monster, can first use the arrows. But less of a skill output. Unsafe.

4, the consumables the monster falls are also very useful. There is possibility to kill a blue monster like the praying mantis, appear (green) mantis, after killing green Mantis monster, will get a sphere (risk level) can be obtained with 20 minutes of running speed, increases the critical strike. Note: this item for consumption goods.