Star Trek Online's Age of Discovery update launches from starbase
Dec. 19, 2018

Perfect World has released the Age of Discovery update for its online multiplayer game Star Trek Online. Age of Discovery is inspired by Star Trek: Discovery, which will launch its second season next year. This update is only available for the PC version of Star Trek: Online.

Star Trek Online was launched in 2010 for PC. The MMO has never been a great success, at least not at the level of World of Warcraft, but it has evolved with constant updates and improvements. STO is a free game. Earn money selling cosmetic and useful items to players, including Star Trek Online Master Key.

The recent drop in content has been focused on old Star Trek series, such as the original Voyager series and Deep Space Nine. However, Discovery is the first Star Trek program that airs during the life of Star Trek Online. This gives the game the ability to reach new fans who have discovered the series.

Age of Discovery will actually be a multi-part update, with only the first part just released. Players can create a new character from the explorer era (which takes place a few years before the original series). Mary Wiseman, who plays the young Sylvia Tilly, repeats her role in the linguistic work of the party.