Suppressing Cheaters in Fallout 76
Jan. 18, 2019

Bethesda said in today's article "Inside the Vault" that 150 errors have been fixed only in the last week and there will be more corrections in the future. Two problems in which Bethesda still works are end-game unbalanced weapons and fraud in Fallout 76 Bethesda Key EU.

Bethesda concerns are related to the interruption that allowed players to greatly duplicate their items in December and January. While the gates of these loopholes have been closed, a window to a new one has opened. In particular, players have recently discovered a "developer space" in the game that contains copies of each element.

Bethesda said in a statement to Eurogamer that the access to the room would only be possible through PC-based cheat programs and that players who currently carry hidden space test objects are not currently available in normal part of the game.

Although the company did not specify a specific solution for illegally received items, many of them tend to be guns equipped with the Two-Shot Legendary Mod. This update will reduces the additional damage caused by the mod from 100% to 25%. This is a big change for this particular mod, which is good to see. At the same time, the patch will leave the explosive damage mode, which players often combine with Two-Shot, not affected.