Switch Online and PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold: Which one is Best?
Oct. 18, 2018

With the launch of Switch Online, Nintendo finally offers a world-class online service, similar to that offered by Microsoft and Sony in the last ten years.


Of course, Switch Online does not offer the same extras as Premium Xbox Live Gold Membership Key and PlayStation Plus with a third of the price of its competitors. However, if you have multiple consoles and are wondering what to pay for online games, you will discover how Switch Online, Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus work together.



It requires Switch Online, Xbox Live Gold Membership Key and PlayStation Plus to play online games on their respective systems. This is the main reason why multiplayer fans have to pay. Fortnite is a notable exception, which can be played online for free on Switch and PS4, but requires a Gold subscription on Xbox One. So, if you're just jumping on your switch or PS4 to get Royal Victory, you can skip the services of those consoles.



The multiplayer experiences on PS4 and Xbox One are almost identical. You can join a virtual "party" to chat with your friends and share messages and invitations from any panel in the system.



The Switch Online and the switch itself are much more limited in comparison, you can only communicate with friends with the sensitive Nintendo smartphone app, and the ability to chat and play is currently limited to a handful of games. All you have to do is pay to use Nintendo's smartphone chat, while group chat on PS4 and Xbox One is free, which gives Switch Online a particularly deplorable aspect in the communications department.