Telkomsel Eyeing Massive Mobile Legends Market
Apr. 16, 2018

The mobile operator Telkomsel in the Bali region and Nusa Tenggara are studying the development of the large potential segment of online games, in particular Mobile Legends.

Indra said that since 2017, users of mobile legends grew by 72 percent until the 2018 quarter, while revenues grew by 44 percent. However, Indra did not indicate the exact number of its user statistics, since this is considered part of its internal strategy.

Despite the fact that the gaming franchise can evolve and diverge from other new gaming formats, Indra said its company is optimistic that this segment will continue to provide new opportunities since the digital ecosystem has evolved.

To welcome fans of Mobile Legends, Telkomsel tournaments in the region have hosted positive tournaments, involving 1,600 players from 320 teams in Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. You have the opportunity to earn the total price of 35 million rupees.

The large number of participants, according to Indra, suggests that the digital ecosystem for online games has been formed among the generation of the millennium.